Answer with Explanation for questions 41 to 80


Section - II

Option 4.  The authors style and ideas present indicate that he is very unlikely to be an aircraft engineer.
Option 3. Refer line 2 of the first paragraph.
Option 2. The last sentence in para 1 says that it would be a perfect opening scene for the remake of last horizon. It can, therefore, be inferred that it was a movie.
Option 2. The tone of the author in the first 3 paras suggest that the author had a negative opinion.
Option 2. Refer first line of the passage. Hence 2.
Option 1. The passage takes about the colonies of Britain and the colonial aims of Britain as a capitalist country
Option 3. The author is aware that the capitalists are not just profit driven but also have an ulterior motive of establishing complete control over the other nations.
Option 2 The civilised countries are not an easy prey to the exploitation by the capitalistic traders and are aware of the legal trade practices.
Option 1 The civilised people are in the habit of plundering strangers as their sophisticated intelligence is usually scheming to manipulate others for self-gain.
Option 4 The author is complaining that Britain’s capitalistic missions impacted its own citizens too.
Option 2. The answer can be inferred from the 4th and 6th paragraphs, where the author says that even after "a hundred years and tens of thousands of research hours later" little has changed in the auto industry and also changes in the aviation industry are incremental and largely cosmetic.
Option 2. The answer can be inferred from the 4th paragraph - Henry Ford’s first car did 18 miles per hour and in 2001 the average speed in London was 17.5 miles per hour as stated in the last line of the fourth paragraph.
Option 4. The answer can be inferred from the 6th paragraph – "fifty years after….largely cosmetic changes." incremental
Option 1. The answer can be inferred from the last paragraph 2nd line onwards – "in the 1960s, the German auto companies developed plans to scrap the entire combustion engine…..why didn’t it go anywhere? Because auto executive understood pistons and carburettors, and would be loath to cannibalize their expertise, along with most of their factories."
Option 3. Refer to the part much of biotechnology research is also funded by governments.
Option 3. Refer to the part anti-GM campaign has been quite effective in Europe.
Option 2. Refer to the part use of ever-stronger herbicides which are poisonous.
Option 1. Refer to the part GM controversy will son hit the headlines in India … use the protato in its midday meal program for schools.
Option 4. Refer to the part much of biotechnology research is also funded by governments in both developing and developed countries.
Option 1..As passage only says that Maclean distributes the newsletter. Nothing is mentioned about who produces it.
Option 3..Para 1 suggests that 3 is the right choice.
Option 3. Line 3 of the 3rd para says that such criticisms... hence 3.
Option 3. Only choice 3 is appropriate.
Option 2. (1) is not correct because the noise created by the dropping of a pin is the same today as earlier.(2) is correct. The author uses the simple example of "the making of a pin" to illustrate how capitalism has turned men who possessed all the required skills of the entire operation of making a pin right from sourcing the raw material to all the steps pf manufacturing and marketing the finished product into cogs in the industrial wheel who, though they have brought down the cost of pns to the point that a single pin has no expressible value at all and churn them out by the hundred million, need modern machinery, explicit instructions on how to run these machines, technical support to maintain the machines and a well-planned schedule. So, while capitalism has caused people to specialize in one aspect of heir profession and resulted in better productivity, leaving people with the spare time to pursue leisure activities, it also leaves them universally ignorant about the whole picture. (3) is not correct. Its not just pin-making that is described but also cloth-making from the shearing of the wool to the making of a complete woolen dress. The passage uses these two as illustrations, it is not about these activities (4) Its not just capitalist success that is the main subject but how capitalist success has caused the degradation of knowledge of labour
Option 4. (1) is wrong because its much cheaper to produce pins nowadays. (2) One wouldn't call it love and care but a lot of concentrated effort including craftsmanship and artistry that went into the making of the whole product. (3) Pinball machines are not mentioned n the passage. (4) This is correct because the passage clearly states that it took eighteen men to make a pin even till as recently as the end of the eighteenth century.
Option 2. (1) Adam Smith did boast about how much effort went into producing a pin and he did have the facts to back his claim (18 men to make a single pin) (2)Yes, it is undesirable because business is about productivity especially when it concerns the making of something purportedly simple as a pin. (3)The author is not proud of Adam Smith's tenets he is merely stating them. (4) The author main issue is not about whether Adam Smith is right. He knows and believes in the fact that it did take 18 men to make a single pin those days. He is discussing the issue of how mechanization has changed the profile of the worker and is using facts stated by Adam Smith to illustrate his discussion.
Option 1. (1) This is correct. Yes, although he agrees that prices have come down and workers have more time to pursue leisure activities, he feels that craftsmanship and complete knowledge about the entire product on the part of the worker has disappeared and expresses a nostalgia for the same. (2)He doesn't say so In fact says the exact opposite (3) No, he expresses a nostalgia for the old system. (4) No.
Option 2. (1) It's a fact that children can't be bothered about stealing pins. They are so common, “stealing a pin” here is just an expression that is being used. The author wants to say that children have no value for a single pin and waste them. (2)  This is correct, "stealing a pin" here is used to illustrate that children have to be taught the value of a pin. Just like a single grain of rice has no value in these days of prosperity, yet parents tell children not to waste a single grain of rice when they finish a meal. The same argument is being used here. (3)Stealing is not the point at issue here. It is teaching children the value of something so commonplace and cheap that it is wasted. (4) Again, the point at issue here is not the stealing, but the wastage.
Option 3
Option 1. (1) This is correct. The quality of leisure activities indulged in differs from person to person. While someone indulges in poetry and art, another goes to the lowest common denominator of popular cinema (2) This passage does not talk about this. (3) The author does not refers to machines as Gods. (4) The first choice does answer this question satisfactorily.
Option 3. It implies that the author is being satirical.
Option 2. (1) Its not corruption but the degradation in knowledge or decline in professional skill-sets that has come about as a result of specialization in one aspect of the whole operation. (2) This is correct. People depend on machines, manuals, mechanics to run and repair the machines. (3) Not valid.(4)Its not about taking care of people.
Option 1. The answer is given in the first paragraph, ‘A major reason was Britain’s inability to cope with the by products of its own rapid accumulation of capital…………..’
Option 4. The third paragraph talks of similar problems of division and both, New Imperialism and New Mercantilism leads to instability. Refer to the third paragraph.
Option 3. The answer is given in the 4th paragraph. "They cannot easily afford to challenge the international system"
Option 2. The answer is given in the 4th paragraph. Refer to the first line of the fourth paragraph
Option 3. Only a connoisseur can appreciate better quality wines, taste is not written on labels.
Option 2. The writer is using satire to mildly tease the French winemaker.
Option 1. Refer to the part some areas … have now produced a generation of growers using the varietal names on their labels.
Option 4. is the most substantiated reason to support Dr. Renaud’s findings.


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