Current Affairs 2012 Questions and Answers Set 5

Current Affairs 2012

81. Who took charge as Kerala governor? 

Answer: H.R.Bharadwaj 

82. Who won the trust of vote in Parliament of Pakistan? 

Answer: Yousuf Raza Gilani 

83. Which currency is world’s most undervalued currency as per Big Mac Index? 

Answer: Indian rupee 

84. Who has been appointed as Director Enterprise Business (India and South Asia) by Adobe? 

Answer: Kulmeet Bawa 

85. What is the amount received by India in venture capital funding in the solar energy sector? 

Answer: Rs.500 crore 

86. Which Government has bought 1.09% worth stake in Reliance Industries? 

Answer: Singapore Government 

87. Which bank is likely to increase their presence in Karnataka from the present 71 to 100 branches? 

Answer: Bank of Baroda 

88. Name the boxer who turned 70 recently. 

Answer: Mohammad Ali 

89. What is the export growth as of December 2011? 

Answer: 6.7% at $25billion 

90. Which website is to be shut for 24hrs to stop anti-piracy act? 

Answer: Wikipedia 

91. Name the Indian-origin Sikh who has been unanimously elected as the mayor of Charlottesville, a historic American city in Virginia. 

Answer: Satyendra Singh Huja 

92. What fund has India planned to launch by July 2012? 

Answer: $1 billion innovation fund 

93. Where is the India-Burma talks scheduled on January 19th 2012? 

Answer: Myanmar capital, Naypyitaw 

94. Name the Yahoo co-founder who resigned recently. 

Answer: Jerry Yang 

95. Which global consulting and IT service provider is set to participate in World Economic Forum? 

Answer: Mahindra Satyam 

96. Which card has BSNL launched to facilitate making utility bill payments like electricity and telephone bills? 

Answer: Itz Cash Card (Trust Card) 

97. Name the media advisor to Prime Minister who resigned recently. 

Answer: Harish Khare 

98. Where India’s first Startup Village is to be setup? 

Answer: KINFRA Park, Kalamassery, Kochi 

99. Expand SOPA & PIPA 

Answer: Stop Online Piracy Act & Protect IP Act 

100. Which photo pioneer company filed bankruptcy recently? 

Answer: Kodak


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