Current Affairs 2012 Questions and Answers Set 4

Current Affairs 2012

61. Name the Chinese dancer who took Bharatanatyam and Kathak to Mao’s China died recently. 

Answer: Zhang Jun 

62. Where the Quick service cum mobile medical dispensary was inaugurated recently? 

Answer: Bodh Gaya Temple premises 

63. What is the lowest one-day score by Sri Lanka in the recently held match against South Africa? 

Answer: 43 all out 

64. What is the worth of total Private equity investment made in India in 2011? 

Answer: $10.11 billion 

65. Which country has been ranked first on nuclear safety? 

Answer: Australia 

66. What has Kerala hospital introduced to diagnose small bowel bleeding sites, tumours and ulcers? 

Answer: Wireless Capsule Endoscopy 

67. Where does the industrial output stand as of November 2011 in India? 

Answer: 5.9% 

68. When did India complete one polio-free year? 

Answer: 13th January 2012 

69. What is the cost of cheapest electric car unveiled by Tata in Detroit? 

Answer: $20,000 

70. Which legendary singer is set to be honoured with lifetime achievement award at the 18th Annual Colors Screen Awards? 

Answer: Asha Bhosle 

71. Who has been appointed to google board recently? 

Answer: Diane Greene, VMware co-founder 

72. Which service the Indian Government has planned to launch for farmers? 

Answer: Interactive medium of spoken web service 

73. Who won gold in Asian shooting championship? 

Answer: Abhinav Bindra 

74.Which airways bagged best airline award? 

Answer: Ethad Airways 

75. Which Indian city is set to host psychiatry conclaves? 

Answer: Kochi 

76. Which country reported rare decline of foreign reserves? 

Answer: China 

77. Name India’s first woman journalist who died recently. 

Answer: Homai Vyarawalla 

78. Who won the Mumbai marathon title recently? 

Answer: Laban Moiben 

79. Where does inflation stand as on 16th January 2012? 

Answer: 7.47% 

Current Affairs 2012

80. Name the scheme launched by Arunachal Pradesh government for the treatment of Multi Drug Resistant TB patients. 

Answer: Directly Observed Treatment Plus Service (DOTS) 


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