Multimedia Applications-Technologies MCQs With Answers Set 3

Multimedia Applications-Technologies Questions and Answers

21. The first and last frames of an action:

(a) Postframes
(b) Primaryframes
(c) Preframes
(d) Keyframes
(e) Defaultframes.

22. ATM stands for :

(a) Art Type Manager
(b) Adobe Test Manager
(c) Adobe Type Manager
(d) Anchor Type Manager
(e) Alpha Type Manager.

23. What is the scan rate for Phase Alternate Line?

(a) 25 frames per second
(b) 45 frames per second
(c) 40 frames per second
(d) 60 frames per second
(e) 35 frames per second.

24. Identify a point in the development of a project that marks the end of a phase

(a) Save point
(b) Landmark
(c) Marker
(d) Key Point
(e) Milestone.

25. Who has coined the word ‘hypertext’?

(a) John Von neuman
(b) Forte
(c) John Nelson
(d) John neuman
(e) Ted Nelson.

26. Acronym for SAG

(a) Scale Actors Guild
(b) Script Actors Guild
(c) Screen Actress Guild
(d) Screen Actors Guild
(e) Screen Actors Group.

27. Name the law, which specifies that there is an acceptable level of adequacy that will satisfy the audience

(a) Red Book  Law
(b) AFTRA Law
(c) Vaughn’s Law of Minimums 
(d) Bohr’s Law
(e) Kinematics.

28. _______________supports characters for all known languages.


29. The perception of loudness depend on :

(a) Frequency
(b) Harmonics
(c) Vibrations
(d) Pressure
(e) Voltage.

30. PICT represents

(a) Image File Format for Windows
(b) Image File Format for DOS
(c) Image File Format for Macintosh
(d) Image File Format for OS/2
(e) Image File Format for Google.