CAT Test 1


Number of Questions: 40

DIRECTIONS for Questions 1 to 5: In each of the following questions a part of a paragraph or sentence has been underlined. From the choices given, you are required to choose the one which would best replace the underlined part.

Q.1.      How many times have I asked myself: when is the world going to start to make sense? There is a monster out there, and it is rushing towards me over the uneven ground of consciousness.

1. There is a monster out there
2. It is as if the world is on my shoulders
3. The answer is out there somewhere    
4. There is a sea of sensibility in me.

Q.2.      In a penetrating study, CBS-TV focuses on those people without hope, whose bodies are cared for by welfare aid, but whose spirit is often neglected by a disinterested society.

1. Whose bodies are cared for by welfare aid
2. Who do not have enough to eat
3. Whose hopelessness may be alleviated
4. Who may be physically satiated

Q.3.      Victory is everything in the Indian universe and Tendulkar will be expected to translate his genius to that effect. To contemplate any other option is to contemplate the risk of failure.

1. To contemplate any other action is to contemplate the risk of failure.
2. Failure is not an action that can be contemplated.
3. Any other action has the potential of failure.
4. Failure is not an option.

Q.4.      In Martin Amis’ new novel, the narrator is trapped -- and hurtling towards a terrible secret. Its resolution, and the dreadful revelations it brings, ally to give an excruciating vision of guilt.

1. Ally to give an excruciating vision of guilt.     
2. To us give a vivid picture of guilt.
3. is a painful picture of a guilt-ridden world.      
4. does not really solve all the questions in the narrator’s mind.

Q.5.      Contemplating whether to exist with an insatiable romantic temperament, he was the author and largely the subject of a number of memorable novels.

1. Contemplating whether to exist
2. Combining realistic detail
3. Miscegenating a brilliant mind
4. Aware that he had been born

DIRECTIONS for Questions 16 to 20: In each of the following sentences the main statement is followed by four sentences each. Select the pair of sentences that relate logically with the given statement.

Q.6.      Either the employees have no confidence in the management or they are hostile by nature.
A. They are hostile by nature                             
B. They are not hostile by nature.
C. They have confidence in the management     
D. They have no confidence in the management.
1. BA               2. DC                3. AC                4. BC

Q.7.      All irresponsible parents shout if their children do not cavort.

A. All irresponsible parents do not shout.          
B. Children cavort
C. Children do not cavort.                                 
D. All irresponsible parents shout.

            1. AB                2. BA                3. CA                4. All of the above.

Q.8.      Ram gets a swollen nose whenever he eats hamburgers.

A. Ram gets a swollen nose.                
B. Ram does not eat hamburgers          
C. Ram does not get a swollen nose     
D. Ram eats hamburgers.
1. AB                2. DC                3. AC                4. BC

Q.9       Either Sita is sick or she is careless.

A. Sita is not sick         
B. Sita is not careless.  
C. Sita is sick               
D. Sita is careless.
1. AB                2. AD                3. BA                4. DA

Q.10.    Whenever Ram reads late into the night, his father beats him up.

A. His father does not beat Ram.                      
B. Ram reads late into the night.
C. Ram reads early in the morning.                    
D. Ram’s father beats him in the morning.

            1. CD               2. BD                3. AB               4. None of the above.

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