Answer with Explanation for questions 1 to 40


Section - I

Q. No.
Answer With Reason
Option 3
Option 1
Option 4 is correct as it correctly conveys the massage
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3 is correct. They are hostile by nature. They have confidence in the management
Option 1 is correct because AB is a logical pair.
Option 4 is correct. Ram gets a swollen nose. Ram eats hamburgers.
Option 2 is correct. Sita is not sick, that implies Sita is careless.
None of these matches the given relation.
Option 1
Go from the choices: Choice(1) K,L,N
K - Chairman planning commission (Central government),
L - Principal Secretary,Ministry of Education (Central government),
N - Accountant General (State government)
There are two representatives of Central government and one from State Government each from different
departments. It satisfies the given condition and hence the answer.
Option 3
Choice(1) P, K, M here K and M are of the same department - Planning commission. Hence it is eliminated.
Choice(2) P, M, L in this P and M are State Government employees. Hence it is eliminated.
Choice(3) P, K, L all of them are from different departments and here K and L are from Central Government and P from State government. It satisfies the given condition.
Hence choice(3) is the answer.
Option 1
From statement I, if J cannot serve on a committee then K and L should be present in the committee and K is from Planning commission and hence M (planning commission) cannot participate in the committee. Statement I is true. If O doesn.t serve on the committee J can serve the committee with an exception that P should not serve on the committee. As P and J are of same department (Finance). Hence statement II may not be true.
Hence choice(1) is the right answer.
Option 2
N and J is the right answer. Here L and J are from Central Government and N from State government.
All of them are from different departments.
Option 1
Statement I: N and O never serve on the same committee because they both belong to state government.
Hence it is true.
Option 2 is correct because it gives us a clear picture determining the fact that high wages is not directly proportional to high performance.
The last line of the paragraph suggests that the memorized passage can be duplicated many times same as in case of an audio cassette. Hence Option 2
Option 4 supports the surmise. Others are just a repetition of the surmise.
Option 2 is correct because there is a direct relation given between revenues and duties.
Option 1 is correct because it says that the potential to increase productivity has already exhausted.
Option 3 — C has the most precise language structure.
Option 4 — is regarded should go together. parallel construction.Valuable in itself is the right expression. Not only as …but also as has
Option 1 — You fall back on something. Again, fatalism goes with explanation.
Option 2 — it would be ideal expresses a satisfactory proposition. Reflection should precede action, and thought should facilitate behavior, though what happens in real life is exactly the opposite.
Option 2 — running …consists and more than it costs should give the answer.
Option 3 — ADB is a clear sequence. So is CE.
Option 1 — CA gives the sequence of action. BD follows with reaction. The outcome is in E.
Option 4 — C is the best beginning to the paragraph. EBD gives the justification. incarcerated in A follows from D.
Option 2 — CE gives the problem. A gives the solution. BD gives the Dvorak angle.
Option 1 The “these types are rare” of D should follow B. AC also is mandatory as “these cases” of C is an explanation of A. Also D looks like the logical ending and E the logical beginning. Hence the correct ans. Is option 1
Option 1. Statement (b) should be "After she woke up, she lay..." Statement (c) uses preposition "at" which is used to indicate a specific time and she could not take shower and get ready exactly at 11.
Option 3. Statement (B) should be her efforts ‘bore’ fruit and not gave fruit. Statement (c) also is incorrect, the correct statement should be Everyone complemented her on the good work.
Option 2. (B) The sentence must read ‘Raj pleaded guilty to stealing money" And statement (d) "He was sentenced to three years in jail".
Option 4 - 'estimated with reasonable certainty' properly describes the 'red-ware pottery' mentioned in the sentence. The sentence construction of options (1) and (2) and (3) are ungrammatical.
Option 3 - ' suggest ' should be followed an '-ing' form of verb. Therefore we can only consider option (2) and (3). The correct usage is 'incidence' and not 'incidents' of piracy. 1 beginning the sentence with ‘to’ is instantly eliminated.
Option 3 the sentence begins with the past tense. Option (1) there is tautology in repetition of the expression 'that' and the use of '… must have…' changes the tense to future tense. Option (2) '… to have had…' is expressed in past perfect tense. Option (4) brings the sentence into simple present tense.
Option 3. As the first line of the passage says that the White House was ‘serene’, striking, hollow and white are unsuitable adjectives for the corridors, the correct answer is empty.
Option 1. The word quiet suits the context of the passage, as the general atmosphere seems hushed. Stentorian refers to people with powerful voices, but we have no mention of them ‘now’ speaking in whispers so it can be eliminated. Faded is tautological
Option 4. Scowled means "to frown with displeasure", so laughter, curiosity and humor are not suited in the given context. The answer is temper, as his temper was easily activated so he scowled.
Option 1. Pace is used to refer to continuos up and down movement. Prowled has associations with a predator looking for prey is too strong a word, given the context. Similarly stormed is a very strong word and strolled is to walk leisurely and with no apparent aim and therefore out of context.


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