System Analysis and Design Set 2

Questions 11 to 20                                            

Which of the following technique detects transposition errors?
(a)  check digit                                                      
(b)  automatic correction            
 (c)  existence test
(d)  duplicate processing                                     
 (e)  limit and range test.

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The structure chart derived by studying the flow through the system supports the activity of
(a)  File design                                                       
(b)  Program design      
(c)  Database design
(d)  Internal controls design                                
(e)  Output design.
Which of the following suggests phased implementation of the system?

(a)    introduce a new system gradually either by functions or by organizational units.
(b)    procure resources in stages and then introduce the system at once
(c)     Withdraw the existing system gradually
(d)    allow the new system and old system to run parallel for sometime
(e)     train the users first and then introduce the new system.

Class is analogous to
(a)  object                      
(b)  blue print                
(c)  instance                   
(d)  record                      
(e)  entity.

Which of the following represents the condition of an object at a specific moment in time?
(a)  behavior                 
(b)  properties                
(c)  instance                   
(d)  state                         
(e)  method.

Some object-oriented systems permit a class to inherit its state(attributes) and behaviors from more than one super class. This is called
(a)  multiple inheritance                                      
(b)  inheritance             
(c)  hybrid inheritance
(d)  specialization                                                 
(e)  aggregation.

Identify the following who presented the object modeling technique (OMT).
(a)  Booch                                                              
(b)  Jim Rumbaugh ET AL                
(c)  Jacobson ET AL
(d)  Both (a) and (b) above                                
(e)  Both (b) and (c) above

Which of the following statements is false with respect to a use case?
(a)    A use case is a scenario for understanding the requirements
(b)    It is an interaction between the users and the system
(c)     It captures the responsibility of the system to its users
(d)    It is used for the requirements analysis
(e)     It represents the flow of activities of various processes in the system.

Which type of association does the following diagram depict?

(a)  aggregation                                                         
(b)  composition                               
(c)  specialization
(d)  generalization                                                
(e)  simple association.

Which of the following statements is false with respect to the diagram given below?

(a)    The building is composed of one or more rooms
(b)    An aggregation relationship exists between the building and the room
(c)     A room can have many rooms
(d)    There is a recursive composition in the above diagram
(e)     A room can have 0 or more rooms.


Answer :       (a)
          Reason:    Transposition errors occurs due to interchanging of digits which is detected by check digit technique.
Answer :       (d)
          Reason:    The structure chart gives information about how strongly two modules are related and how cohesive is a single module.
Answer :       (c)
          Reason:    Phased implementation means introducing the new system in parallel to already existing system and replacing the old system gradually with the new system.
Answer :       (b)
          Reason:    Class is analogous to blue print.
Answer :       (d)
          Reason:    the condition of an object at specific moment of time is called its state.
Answer :       (a)
          Reason:    If a class inherits its properties from more than one super class then it is called multiple inheritance.
Answer :       (b)
          Reason:    OMT technique is presented by JIM Rumbaugh ET AL.
Answer :       (e)
          Reason:    A use case diagram represents the interaction of the user with the system. It will not detail any flow of events.
Answer :       (a)
          Reason:    The hollow diamond depicts aggregation which is ‘a part of ‘ relationship.
Answer :       (b)
          Reason:    option b is false because a composition relationship exists between the building and the room.


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