System Analysis and Design Set 1

Questions 1 to 10.

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1. Which of the following Information systems are aimed at improving the routine business activities on which all organizations depend?

(a)   Management Information systems           
(b)   Decision support systems                           
(c)   Transaction processing systems                 
(d)   Management support systems
(e)   Transaction Information systems.

2. Which of the following strategies are adopted if information requirements are not well-defined?

(a)   Rapid application development method  
(b)   Structured analysis development method
(c)   Systems development life cycle method  
(d)   Prototyping method                                     
(e)   Spiral method.

3.Structured Programming involves:

(a)   functional modularization                          
(b)   localization of errors                                    
(c)   decentralized programming                         
(d)   stress on analysis 
(e)   stress on  requirements gathering.

4.Which of the following is not a fact-finding technique?

(a)   Third party enquiry                                       
(b)   Interview                
(c)   Questionnaire        
(d)   Record reviews                                              
(e)   Observation.

5. Which of the following questions are useful in evaluating data flow diagrams?

(a) Are there any unnamed components in the data flow diagram?
(b) Are there any processes that do not receive input?
(c) Are there any data stores that are input but never referenced?
(d) Both (a) and (b) above
(e) All (a), (b) and (c) above.

6. In system design and development field what does spaghetti code mean?

(a) programs written in unstructured languages.
(b) well structured and well documented code.
(c) program code that has many GOTO statements.
(d) Both (a) and (c) above
(e) Both (b) and (c) above.

7. Which of the following statements is false with respect to a Data Dictionary?

(a) It is a repository of the elements in a system.
(b) data dictionary and data store both are same
(c) It manages detail
(d) It communicates the common meanings for system elements and activities.
(e) It documents system features.

8. Match the following and select the correct options given under

i) physical design  A) Documentation
ii) interview    B) Type of  output
iii) Input design  C) defines design specifications that are to be coded
iv) Installation procedure D) a data gathering technique
v) report   E) Identification and design of interfaces to enter data

(a) i-D, ii – A, iii-B, iv – C, v- E
(b) i-C, ii – D, iii-E, iv – A, v- B
(c) i-A, ii – D, iii-B, iv – C, v- E
(d) i-D, ii – A, iii-E, iv – B, v- C
(e) i-B, ii – A, iii-D, iv – C, v- E.

9. Cost-Benefit Analysis is performed during
(a)  Analysis phase
(b)  Design phase                         
(c)  Feasibility study phase
(d)  Implementation phase                                 
(e)  Maintenance phase.


1.Answer :       (c)
Reason:    Transactions produce loads of data everyday and Transaction processing systems aim at improving the routine business activities.

2.Answer :       (d)
Reason:    Prototyping is adopted if information requirements are not well-defined.

3.Answer :       (a)
Reason:    structured programming means splitting the overall task into well-defined subtasks.

4.Answer :       (a)
Reason:    Third party enquiry is not a technique to capture the requirements of the user.

5.Answer :       (e)
Reason:    All the given questions are useful in evaluating the DFDs.

6.Answer :       (d)
Reason:    extensive use of GOTO leads to spaghetti code.

7.Answer :       (b)
Reason:    data dictionary is for storing data about data where as data store is where actual data is stored .

8.Answer :       (b)
Reason:    After matching the both sides the correct option is (b).

9.Answer :       (c)
Reason:    During the Feasibility study the financial feasibility is also measured


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